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Curtis Harvel and his wife Pam.


My name is Curtis Harvel and I am the inventor and owner of THE MUSCLE BAR.

Years ago I herniated a disk in my back working with UPS, and during rehabilitation I found out I needed to stay active to keep my back healthy. After 15 years of triathlons (3 Ironmans) and running marathons (6) including the Boston Marathon) I taught myself how to take care of my body on a day-to-day basis. 

The idea of The Muscle Bar came to me  during a massage session. I thought of the fact that I was paying for 60- 90 minute of intensive massage, but only a few minutes of them feeling relaxed.  I had a strong urge to find a more effective and inexpensive way to achieve relaxation for my body. It started out as a calf and leg massage device back then, but evolved to be a full-body massage device. 

PAIN is a very hard condition to deal with. It can take over your life. Pain can change the way you function affecting your job and the way you rest (or not) at night. Many of us live with daily pain. The discomfort can put us in a bad mood throughout the day...and not fun to be around!

THE MUSCLE BAR is here to help you get rid of that stiffness in your muscles giving you a feeling of total relaxation. The most incredible fact about THE MUSCLE BAR is that you don't need to be strong to use it. You will be able to achieve the same results as if you were at the best spa or massage therapist…effortlessly. 

We offer you 30 DAY MONEY BACK because we know once you try it, you will keep it forever

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