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Why do we floss our teeth?  To prevent cavities. Only after we learn what a cavity,  we don't want to go through that again.

The same feeling you will have once you use THE MUSCLE BAR.  You might have muscle aches or body discomfort to which you adjusted becoming the your new way of "normal" living.  NOT ANYMORE!!!

My vision is to enable those in pain to find a quick and easy solution to turn "painful" body into " relaxed and pain free" body. I believe we should start the day stretching and relaxing our muscles to get them ready for the day ahead of us. At the end of the day, after  working, exercising, or dealing with a chronic or acute disease, we should be able to relax them again and have a GREAT NIGHT SLEEP.  Maintaining your muscles healthy can prevent pain and discomfort. 

We are here to show you an easy way to save you many visits to the doctor !!!



The muscle bar is not only a massage device. It is a way of healthy living. We have been exposed to countless massage devices and spent a lot of money in chiropractors to discover that after a while it gets harder and harder stay pain free. Waiting a whole week for an appointment can result in extreme pain, causing your whole body to malfunction. When a muscle aches we tend to "compensate" using other muscles to prevent that pain.

THE MUSCLE BAR is here to help you daily.

Easy to use, applying as much force as you wish, the results are AMAZING. It will take just a couple of minutes of use to realize why THE MUSCLE BAR is not like any other massage device. 




Our mission is to provide you with a quality device, easy to install, and even easier to use, to help you prevent and ease muscle stress. We want to offer a device which you can self install in a corner of your house with a simple design and POWERFUL RESULTS.


Curtis Harvel created THE MUSCLE BAR  base on his own needs - LIVE A LIFE WITHOUT PAIN after being injured.
He offers
demonstrations for athletes, professionals and individuals because he believes his invention is a breakthrough in treating pain cause by muscle stress.